Building Citizen Centric,
Financially Inclusive Bharat

A Decentralized, Distributed, Consensus Driven ChitStack.

Creating, Empowering and Enabling next-generation Chit Funds.
Blockchaining Registered Chit Funds
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About Us

At ChitMonks, we are building India’s largest blockchain network for Savings and Borrowings. We synergize Chit Fund Companies, Regulators, Subscribers, Banks, Service providers, EcoSystem enablers to drive the largest trusted network of Savers and Borrowers platform. Our ecosystem will stand for three things Trust, Efficiency and Inclusion.

We are building the next generation systems where the trust is programmed across all the participating members in the network.

Why Join this Network?

Protects Millions of subscriber's money

Proactive administration / Regulation

Catalyze Financial Inclusion in your State

Paperless, Presence less and Cashless – Digitize end to end

Access to working capital to fund your new Chit groups

Alternate Revenue models

Improved Risk underwriting

Scale like never before with the help of technology

Trust in the group operations are guaranteed

Complete privacy designed by Consent framework

Build your credit profiles bottom up

Access to Value Added Services - Real financial inclusion

Open to innovate new business models and services

Trusted network to offer your services

Partner model with very low acquisition costs

Scale your business

The Largest Network of Savings and Borrowings Chain powered by Blockchain

With a team of top technology and finance professionals, ChitMonks envision to bring access to different financial services to all subscribers participating in the network through our partners and ecosystem enablers.

Why should a subscriber invest in Registered Chit funds?

  • Registered Under Central Act
  • Secured - because of regulators
  • Better Returns
  • Loans with low Interest
  • Better control over Borrowing rates
  • Deferred Tax

We Power the Technology of the following Chit fund companies

Vilambhi Chits
IBG eChits
Akshaya Nidhi Chits
Valuemax Chits

Impact Created










Crores per Annum



Our Team

Chit Fund made easy

Our customer centric app which is available through our partners, will give the subscribers the world class experience to do Chit Funds.



Track your chit

Pay your subscriptions
through UPI

Manage your chit documents
through the app

Ability to participate in
online auctions

Notifications about your

Our Association